Want to work in a place where you can develop your own projects?

Tired of working alone? Want to meet people to share ideas with and develop projects?

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Master a new language or framework

Bored of studying alone? Tired of wasting time searching for the best practices? Save time and frustrations by learning in a classroom with more people.

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Coworking where you can rent a desk, have access to meeting room, kitchen area and other services.

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Computer courses

Focused on the latest technologies -mainly open source-. The courses are presential, of short duration and with a reduced number of students.

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Ideas and projects incubator

The right place to develop your ideas and meet other people to create projects.

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Learning paths

We create learning paths so you can reach your goals faster.

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Situated by the river, in an inspiring and quiet place to work and learn.

Or to read under a palm tree. Or eat lunch by the river. Or to take a nap with the Tejo river.

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